Post Vacation

So, I took a week off.  I always find it weird when you take a vacation.  One, because I don’t want to return to the mundane routine and, two, because it’s so nice to do what you want (sleep).  For some reason, though, whenever I’m on vacation [not often], I find that things try to pull me away from my me time.

It’s not like they’re things I don’t want to do, they’re just things I don’t need to do.  On vacation, I prefer to just relax (sleep) and do whatever I want (sleep).

Sometimes, I feel like asking for vacation is an act punishable by death…or torture; even though we earn vacation time.  Maybe, it’s more like we earn it but aren’t supposed to use it.  Not that my boss ever says not to take it–we’re encouraged to take it–but, it seems society doesn’t want us to slow down and take a step back.

So, now I go back to work, more tired [since I stayed up too late and woke too early the last few days…maybe I’ll get a quick nap in].  The daily grind is always an adjustment, but is it ever more exhausting than the Monday after vacation?  Maybe I should’ve taken Monday off, too.

…But, then I’d only work two days this week [I mean, who wants to work Fourth of July weekend?].  Hey, you need to ease back into the grind.  Post Vacation Blues is no laughing matter.  I’d rather not go crazy; besides, what would my video games do without me?  They got used to seeing me all week and I’m just going to abandon them?  That’s not fair to them.  I need to ease them back into their previous state of un-use.

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I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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One Response to Post Vacation

  1. bkreuch says:

    Let me forestall all the common vacation questions. “Did you go anywhere?” Of course. I went from my bed to the couch. “Did you do anything?” I got the mail….some days…when my brother didn’t. Oh! and, I went from the front of my house to the back of my house (not around it, through it) to get to the back patio.

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