Uncommonly Common

Sometimes I wonder if things we consider common, are, in fact, not.

Common Decency
In the age where cell phones fit in pockets and communication takes place in 140 characters or less, we forgo the opportunities to make eye contact, say thank you, or put down the phone and have a conversation [not that I want to talk to you; but there are a few questions my boss requires I ask you].  Whether you’re on the phone waiting in line and can’t be bothered to halt your conversation to listen to the cashier or you’re looking for an item and only pause long enough to ask an employee where it is…I suppose the world is ripe for change.

Common Sense
(Not Thomas Payne’s pamphlet, that’s available on Amazon.)  Answers to questions like, “Do pedestrians have the right of way?”, “Will a 16 ever beat a 1?”, “Is Wolverine the best known Marvel character?”, and “Are dinosaurs awesome?”.

We’ve all seen the Deadpool picture:

If only more people had such a rare superpower…

Common Cold
It’s not like, “Winter is coming”…actually, it kinda is.  The more we fight it, however, the more resilient it gets.  Or so they say (who are they?).  So the common cure becomes less effective and we’re left with a mutant disease.  Not, the “mutant disease” when we–well, the lucky ones–get superhuman [or super weird, crappy, strange, etc.] abilities and fight against others with abilities either with or against the “norms”/”normies”.

Common Core
Where all students are taught the same thing in the same way, but not the way their parents learned them.  Where teachers are forced to remove the joy and wonder of learning (if it ever existed in the minds of students) and create new and excruciating forms of torture homework to take nearly the whole night and leave kids wondering what happened on their favorite Primetime TV shows.  Where the basic standards require an eighth grader to know that 1+1=2 and read at a fourth grade level [okay, I ad-libbed a bit].   Where American politicians are tired of being below (25+) other countries in learning proficiency tests and strive to make things better; but instead make things worse.  Slowly bringing America closer to ‘Merica.

Common Denominator
That thing we have in common.  Part of math I learned but have since forgotten (who needs fractions? [Do we teach fractions in common core?]).  Also, the monster that lives under ever kid’s bed.  “You find half of the child near the bed stand, a quarter near the window, and an eighth by closet.  The common demon ate her.” (Worst D&D adventure ever.  Don’t GM.  Ever.)

Common Room
The place in Gryffindor Tower where the students hangout.  Clearly not that common, since Muggles [i.e. me] can’t get there and use it.  [Or can I go to Universal Orlando and experience it? (maybe soon…*fingers crossed*)]

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I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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