Watchdogs: Blurring Reality and Gaming

Watchdogs probably wasn’t the best game for my to buy.  Not because of its graphic violence or language; but because it takes place in a real place: Chicago.

I have nothing against Chi-town.  I have friends and family who live there (I still like them) and I even visited.  The Chicky-G is a pretty nice place.

But racing through a real place is a lot different than racing on a track or on horseback or in space.  When I rip through the streets of Chicago on a motorcycle, dodging and weaving around cars and through traffic, I get used to it.  Life seems so much slower as I commute to and from work.

Also, when are Chicago’s streets so empty.  Sure, there are cars in the game to avoid; but no matter the time of day, the freeway is sparse, instead of the gridlock residents love (to hate) and tourists hope avoid.

Of course, I understand why.  But a gridlock would certainly make an interesting twist to a police chase.


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2 Responses to Watchdogs: Blurring Reality and Gaming

  1. Jimmo68 says:

    What system are you playing on and how would you rate the game overall? About to drop 60 bucks on the PS4 version. Internet reviews are all over the map with some people being extremely harsh. I’m still searching for the game that justifies me buying a PS4 right at launch.

    • bkreuch says:

      I play it on the 360. Not super far yet, but overall, I’d say it’s good. The hacking is fun, the difficulty and learning curve can be a bit rough at times; but overall highly enjoyable and definitely something that will suck hours (years?) of my life. Not sure if it’ll fit the bill to justify buying a PS4 at launch; but that’s really for you to decide.

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