A Never Ending Basket

It’s been a week and still there’s candy left (Surprisingly).  Not much (unsurprisingly); but some.  Probably because I had my brothers’ Easter baskets to “share”.

…Well, okay, I didn’t really “share” candy with them.  That’d have left me with a lot more than I currently have and them a lot less.

Take too much and it’s noticeable, not enough and it’s noticeable.

There has to be a fine balance.  A way to keep my candy whole and still enjoy it.  Like a neverending Easter basket.  That would make a grand gift (and a fat belly).

Sure, every year I stare at the chocolate rabbits that line the shelves and wonder which is the biggest [I can afford].  And not a hollow one.  But, a neverending basket?  A river of jelly beans, a warren of chocolate rabbits.

I suppose that’s how Willy Wonka lives.  Somehow he’s managed to remain skinny…perhaps it’s all the traps he lays around his factory.

Totally worth it.


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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