Winter is Nearly Over

I know winter’s over, yet I still have Christmas songs stuck in my head.  Maybe because I get Advent and Lent confused.  They’re both 40 days and at the end, you get presents (well, that’s half right).  If you go to church on either day, you see people dressed in their finest.

Or maybe, I’m just not sure winter truly is gone.

Or maybe I don’t want it to go (nope, I’m ready for warm).

I think this long, snowy, cold winter has confused me.  My brain thinks it’s been long enough for two Christmases.  Snow clings stubbornly to the ground amidst the fog.  Freezing rain cancels baseball games.  We’re in winter’s last hurrah (it’s death throws).

Still, I can’t imagine a world without snow.  I feel like I’ve lived in Alaska or Canada these past months (except the sun actually rose and set).  Summer seems a distant dream, a memory of a memory.  But, it’s fast approaching.

Summer is coming (the scariest words  woman a person can hear).

I’m not ready.  I haven’t even looked at myself in a mirror to see if my body is ready for swimsuit season–the cold winter air kept me in layers even when showering.  So, I guess, I’ll have to bite the bullet and look at myself…eventually.  Or, just wear layers to the beach.  No one likes sunburn (plus, it’s not good for your skin).

At least it’s still cool and I can get away with layers.  Too soon people will know just how pale I am [the long sleeves on my white tees are actually my arms].  They’ll know that I never go outside (at least in the winter, there’s a reason I don’t have a tan).   But, now I won’t get made fun of for wearing sunglasses all the time (snow glare is a real thing, people).


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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