Opening Day

Spring is here again, though you may not have noticed it until today (the first official day of spring was 11 days ago).  The wind howls, biting and sharp.  But the sun’s come out.  Warmer than it’s been, it’s baseball time again.

Too early? Perhaps.  Another week or two in Spring Training would mean a warmer Opening Day.  Not need to dress like winter when sitting in the shade (layers are always important).

The sun shining.  Peanuts crunching.  Vendors yelling.

No matter where you sit, squeezing your mitt, you hope to catch a ball.  A glimmer in your eye as your favorite passes by.  You scream and shout when an ump throws him out…they just can’t catch a break.

Or you sit at home hunched over your snacks, things you couldn’t have packed.  Watching on the screen, you can be equally mean.  And cheer when you team draws near to home plate.

Our cheers and jeers mingle together, uniting us whether we’re sitting at home (comfy and warm) or at the stadium (punching a glove).  Here on this day, we are one fan, one roar, one heart, and one more.  The boost to carry our team to victory.

There’s magic on Opening Day.  Spring has finally come.  Winter’s spell has broken.  We start to awaken.

But don’t get too comfy, stay wary, lest we forget summer is still months away.


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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One Response to Opening Day

  1. dishnerdevin says:

    Great post! No doubt Opening Day is one of a kind! I really enjoyed your piece, and would love to hear what you think of my opening day post! You can find it here

    Thanks for letting me read your blog!

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