Winter’s Not Leaving

Winter is here to stay.  At least that’s the impression I gather.  Only a few days ago, I thought spring was trying to break through winter’s grasp.  We had temps in the 40s, nearly 50, and I even cracked the windows on my commute.

Clearly, that was enough to piss off winter.  It decided we were too carefree and cavalier with our lives and needed a stark (Ned Stark?) reminder of the reality and harshness of life.  So, we got more snow and temps below 30.

Which isn’t terrible in ad of itself.  4-6 inches of snow in one day and temps below 30 is an average, mild winter.  Except, it’s March.  And we’ve already gotten a lot of snow, feet of snow and seen temps drop below -30 [with wind chill].

Winter is nice and all.  The skiing, tubing, snow angels, snow  men, snow days; but it has its downsides, too (usually with the thaw).  Potholes, flat tires, bent rims, flooding, ice.  I think this is a case of too much of a good thing.

We’ve had too many snow days and extra days will need to be added at the end of the year [I think…].  We’ve had too many cold, frigid, winter days.  Too much snow.  Too many white knuckled grips on steering wheels.

We don’t get excited for fresh powder.  We don’t enjoy the sun dancing off the snow.  A few weeks ago, we had an overnight freeze that left ice on the trees and the sun sparkled off them and I thought, “This must be winter’s farewell (like the Closing Ceremony).”  Apparently, I was wrong.

Winter just want to remind us that there is beauty even in its harshness.  We just have to know where to look.  The fresh snow covers the brown and black stuff on the sides of the roads.  Mountains of it pile around driveways and parking lots, ripe for tunnels and forts.  Lakes remain, sort of frozen, for skating on (always check carefully, first).

Except, I’m tired of looking at it.  I’m tired of the cold.  I’m ready for spring.  Too bad winter isn’t ready to relent.  Guess we’ll just need to ride it out until winter’s heart melts with pity.


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I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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