Live Like a Movie

Whenever I watch movies, I think, “Life’s not like that.”  The next question I ask is, “Why isn’t it?”  Which then makes me wonder, “Why can’t it be?”  Of course, the answer is obvious, Transformers don’t exist…or at least haven’t made themselves known to me (besides toys and movies and TV shows).

I mean, how often do you see movie moments in real life?  I’m talking the crazy, stupid things that happen.  Not the superheroes or time travel, warp speed or lightsabers.  You might see a person running raggedly through an airport desperate to catch a flight (pretty sure I’ve been there); but you don’t see people saying goodbye forever kissing for the first time (thank goodness. I once saw a couple making out in the toy store, it was too weird) people building windmills in their backyard (unless I’m just living in the wrong neighborhood), or people quitting their jobs to stand up for a principle (wishful thinking at its best).

It’s nice to imagine.  A world where people live like there’s no tomorrow (Eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we die…hey, it’s Biblical [isn’t that supposed to be ironical?]).  Where we react to life how we wish we could (there’d be more duels fistfights).  And faced overwhelming challenges (some people are overpowering…[personality, perfume, perspiration, preparation, or perhaps something different] some are smaller [the largest stone or the smallest grain of sand make a ripple in the lake]).

Sure, some people wish they went to Hogwarts (some have applied [some practice magic {let’s not anger them…I’d hate to be cursed}]), some people dream about being in the Hunger Games (they do? [it’s like the Olympics, right?]), some people dream of soul mates (a bond as strong as college roommates…or stronger? [like prison mates?]) and some people just dream.

Movies encourage us to dream impossible dreams, to reach higher than we can imagine (and I can imagine a lot), and to never give up, never surrender.  Life, however, likes to throw stuff [trying to keep it G-rated, folks] at us to see how long it takes us to break and how far we’ll fall.  Life says, “Stay down.”  Movies say, “Keep getting back up.”

Too be honest, I’m glad I don’t live in a movie.  Do you realize how much time I’d have to dedicate to working out just to look like Thor? (Not to mention the zombies, meteors, Loki…)  Not all of us can receive a hammer and muscles to go with it.


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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