Leprechauns Before St. Patty’s Day

I think the leprechauns pitied me today…or they were mocking me.  Today, I saw a rainbow that was completely vertical.  Not sure what that means (maybe it was a new guy?).

It might be easier to reach the end.  Either the leprechauns felt that my string of bad luck needed to end or they felt I could use a pot of gold.

It might be harder to find the end.  The leprechauns know how to hide their gold.  I probably could’ve driven to the exact end and never seen the pot of gold…or is it out in the open at the end of a rainbow (I’ve never been to one)?

It’s not like the leprechauns need to taunt me [just add them to the list, right above Medusa and right below centaurs], I haven’t done anything to them…that I know off–the occasional red-headed joke doesn’t count, right?–but when has that ever stopped anybody?

I mean, sure, it’s nice to consider that leprechauns are nice and look out for people down on their luck or who might need a pick me up or are just doing good but not great.  On the other hand, gas is still near $3.40 and driving to the end of a rainbow, even if it’s vertical, might be a bit much on the gas tank (and the wallet).  Of course the gold at the end would more than make up for it…


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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One Response to Leprechauns Before St. Patty’s Day

  1. Leeta Dore says:

    Perhaps they were really messing with you and the pot of gold was at the other end of the rainbow in the clouds.

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