Thus Ends Hope (Until We Meet Again)

With the Closing Ceremony last night, the 22nd Winter Olympic Games came to an end.  And already the world seems less bright.

Perhaps its because there is slightly less to hope for.  Slightly less to strive toward.  Or, maybe, it’s because all your vacation time has been used and you return to (dreaded) work.

We saw highs and lows, triumphs and defeats; but there was one thing that will remain as a constant lesson: the human spirit trumps all obstacles…if we let it.

However, I am complacent with my obstacles.  They have formed around me and are a comfort to me.  I have come to know them almost as I know myself and miss them when I surpass them.

The human condition is filled with failings; but for two weeks (and a bit more) we were able to see the strength amid the weakness and know that we can achieve greatness, if we want.

But, perhaps I don’t want (that’s a choice); perhaps I prefer to rest on what I’ve already done and earned; perhaps I look forward to rest and relaxation.  Perhaps I’m not driven [or just hide it really well] and prefer to remain unchanged, resting atop my obstacles.

Well, Sochi, you impressed us.  And we will always have the lasting image of Mischa, the bear, hesitating and unwilling to blow out the Olympic flame; once he did, a tear rolled down his cheek and we all knew, all felt, that even if the time was right, it was too soon.

(Let’s look forward, instead of back; for in tomorrows we may strive toward greatness.)


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I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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