Ragnarok Begins Today (Yippee!)

Welp, it’s Ragnarok (at least according to some) today.  Or begins to today?  Which is great timing, because the Olympics are winding down and I really need something to do (will they televise the battle of the gods [dibs on that story idea]?).

I mean, it follows three years of winter (this one seems long enough already, I can’t imagine three years [also depends on your definition of winter]).

And Heimdall needs to blow his horn to sound the beginning of the end.  How can you say he hasn’t (how can you say he has?)?  Of course, perhaps all the recent predictions that the world will end soon are his horn sounding?

This is just a product of society (or is it?).  People just want the world to end.  I mean, who doesn’t?  It full of people that I don’t know (or like?), things I don’t need (unaffordable?), and places I might see (won’t because too busy, too poor, or too ambivalent?).

So, meh, if this is the beginning of the end, I say bring it on.  At least Ragnarok ends with a battle between the gods and not the undead rising up and eating our brains or flesh or whatever.  Plus, it there is to be a battle, a war to end all wars (not the battle for equal rights?), at least the human world won’t end with a whimper (like the dinosaurs).

Who can say if anything will survive after us (the Norse gods, er, and/or scholars?).  Ragnarok ends with most of the gods dead and only two humans left.  Perhaps a fresh start is what we need (an end to duck-faced selfies?).

Sure, change is hard [I sure don’t like it]; but on the bright side, I’m probably not one of the two humans to survive and neither are you.


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I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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One Response to Ragnarok Begins Today (Yippee!)

  1. There might be something to this. The Norse gods prevailed in the men’s hockey game. How else can you explain Findland over the US. If Sweden wins tomorrow. We will know it is fact.

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