Olympic Hockey

So, the Olympics are winding down.  There’s still a few great stories left.  Medals to give out, of course.  But, the big question, the most important question: (Who will win the medal count?) Who will win the gold in hockey?

Putin’s putting pressure on his players.  America’s riding high after their win against Russia.  And the Canadian’s have yet to be really tested.

We’ve seen greatness from other Americans.  In events we haven’t medalled in in some time.  We’ve seen disappointments from other Americans.  In events we usually medal in.  And we’v seen Americans rise to expectations and fall under them.

We’ve seen the odd conditions of Sochi’s weather: fog, rain, snow, warm temps and cool, clouds, sun, and just about anything in between.

You might think the weather’s moot.  But, look at the ice conditions in Dallas compared to Detroit.  It might not be as critical as the halfpipe or slalom; but it still makes a difference.  Every second matters.  Every second of speed for your skates for the puck.  Whether in your offensive zone or theirs, you want crisp, clean ice (except goalies in the crease).

Who knows if Sochi can deliver?

What I do know is, the medal rounds will be exciting …the ones I get to watch.  Not just because I’m spending all my free time at work; but because NBC hates hockey fans.  I mean, does anyone get Outdoor Living Versus NBCSports?

Fortunately, I get CBC.

Thank goodness for Canada (might be the only time someone says that; j/k, there’s also Timmy Ho’s).

Of course, there are only four teams left in the tourney and one of them may or may not be the host nation…things could get interesting (do dictators like to lose?).


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