Russia Attacking Own Athletes? The Cold War Gets …Weirder

Okay, now I understand why some people aren’t watching the Olympics because they’re in Russia.

I mean, all the politic reasons should be put aside.  Athletes should compete, regardless of political stances and country relations, because they’ve given so much of their time–some more than a decade (or two or three).  Asking an athlete to boycott the Olympics for political reasons is unfair to that athlete and completely undermines the goals and dreams they’ve worked hard to accomplish.

However, when Russia disses one of their own athletes, it might be time to take a good look in the mirror and ask yourself if this was the best choice (or if this is a country who I want to support by watching Games they’re hosting).  Let’s just take a deep breath, take a step back and understand why it might not be a good idea to hold the Winter Olympics in summer resorts towns refocus on the reason for the Olympic Games.

Sure, Evgeni Plushenko aggravated an old injury [surgery?] and had to drop out; but calling him an invalid is just crass.  He might’ve rushed a bit to get into shape for the Games in Sochi; but who wouldn’t want to compete in their home country?  If you were worried about it, why not send two athletes into the competition instead of one?  Okay, so he was still the favorite; but at 31, he’s clearly over-the-hill [which makes sense why you’d want a law limiting athletes to 2 Olympics] and couldn’t cut it against younger competition.  Now you’re second-guessing the decision and wishing you’d put a younger competitor in his place.

Forget everything he’s done for you in the past.  Including helping win Russia’s first gold medal.  Forget that he’s trained most of his life for this moment.  Or put his body on the line.  He withdrew and cost your country the chance at a medal…how embarrassing.

Too bad, only one athlete per country is allowed to compete in each event…


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