Still Walking in a Winter Wonderland

I blame Phil for all this snow.  Punxsutawney Phil.  I’m sure you know who that is.  The groundhog.  He said we’d have more winter.  He was right.  Jerk.

Now we’re still getting snow.  Not that I mind snow.  I actually like it.  I just wish it come on my days off.  Then I could enjoy it and not get stressed about driving to work, getting stuck at work, the crazy driver next to me, or sliding into a ditch somewhere.

Sure, Atlanta closed for 2 inches.  Here in Michigan, we’ve yet to close and we have a lot more than that.  I mean, we got around 2 inches overnight.  Sure, schools have closed due to the extreme cold (kids will probably still be in school by July 4); but cities haven’t shut down like Atlanta.  Lucky Georgians.

The toy store’s remained open throughout winter and surprisingly enough people have braved the cold, the ice, and the snow to buy toys.  Not sure why, though.  I suppose kids can’t go outside, so the next best thing is to bring them to a toy store where they can play with…all the demo products we don’t have? (not that that stops anyone from trying things and opening boxes [then wanting an unopened box to buy])

I suppose we’ll just have to suffer in silence up here in the Great White North (now, I get the nickname [everything you see is white]).  We’ll still go to work, still travel, still shop, still play inside and outside.

This must be what living in Canada is like (we even have free health care).  No wonder no one [outside of Canada (just kidding Canada)] likes Canada.  I’m just surprised [and amazed] they can still be so friendly.

Maybe Captain America’s new movie, The Winter Soldier, should’ve released this month, instead of April…he could battle the forces of evil and rid us of all this snow and bring the early arrival of spring.  Best. Movie. Evar!


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I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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