To Dino or Not to Dino?

“Do you like dinosaurs?” is the question I wish I could start a first date impression with.  It’d make things so much easier.  I mean, what type of person doesn’t like dinosaurs (not the type I’d want to be with)?

I suppose, a better more fair question might be, “Did you ever love dinosaurs?”  Because, everyone at some time in their life has loved dinosaurs…I hope.

I remember in grade school, when Lost World [Michael Crichton’s sequel to Jurassic Park] came out.  I saw it opening weekend…pretty sure.  I asked the girl who sat next to me if she’d seen it.  She had seen it three times.

Clearly dinosaurs are a great way to break down barriers.

Sure, the life of a paleontologist isn’t for everyone.  Digging in the dirt, straining your eyes over small stretches of land, and painstakingly cleaning rocks; but, the rewards can be shared by everyone.  Every time dinosaurs are on display at the museum, I go.  Why miss it?

So, my advice?  When Jurassic Park IV is finally released, used it as a great date movie (thank me later).


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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One Response to To Dino or Not to Dino?

  1. Ah yes, the icebreaker. Unique, Well formulated, Open to interpretation. Implies an interest in academic endeavors. All the right ingredients.

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