Just a Ringtone?

Your phone rings every day (not mine; but you probably have friends).  The ring you use says something about you.  The theme song to your favorite space western.  A classical concerto.  A chart topping single.

But what about your special ringtones?  The ones you assign to certain people.  Do they say more about you or more about those you’ve assigned them to?

Today, as I cashed-out a woman, her phone rang (not uncommon).  She smiled slightly embarrassed (more uncommon).  It was the theme from Superman (awesome).  The woman hands the phone to her daughter and says, “Answer it. It’s your father.” (fantastic).

Yes, I have assigned certain ringtones to certain people and places (work=a funeral march?).  Who hasn’t?  But, perhaps, what I thought was a friend’s favorite song or what best incorporated them really didn’t.  Perhaps, it was just a part of me I needed them to provide.

Or maybe, I just like that song.

Or, I just can’t stand hearing the same tome each and every time my phone rings.


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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One Response to Just a Ringtone?

  1. lewiscave says:

    You know that man put the superman theme song on his wife’s phone himself.

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