Immortal Truth

Vampires and zombies are all the rage, at the moment.  Creatures that seem to cure death.  It’s as if we’re caught up in avoiding death.  But, zombies aren’t really a cure for death; they do however make one seem almost plausible.  Vampires, however…

I don’t know if I’d like to be immortal.  I mean, it might be fun for a few centuries…as long as you were part of the upper class.  Why are all the vampires we see rich (they’ve had centuries to acquire wealth?)?  Who wants to watch a vampire living a mundane immortality?  Day in and  day out working a 9 to 5, struggling to get by.

But, think about it.  If you’re immortal, you’ve still got expenses.  Food (vampires don’t eat)…well, victims…um, are they free?  You’d still have to pay utilities, unless your house was completely solar powered (seems unlikely for a vampire) or you used candles and a hand pumped well.  What about your phone bill?  After a few centuries, you’ve probably accumulated quite the friends’ list.

Keeping in contact with all my Facebook friends is too challenging for me [and haven’t got hardly any]; I can’t imagine doing it for centuries.  After a while, it must seem like the same events, just different names.

The life of a middle-class vampire just seems so…blah.  Perhaps all vampires reach that point.  Maybe Dracula sought out Van Helsing so he could finally find rest.  Or at least experience something new in the afterlife.

Sure, most of us fear death–at least some days out of the year–but is it worth staying on Earth for eternity?  Yes, there are a lot of pleasures to be had; but they’re not cheap.  Of course, if you have eternity to strive toward something, you’d probably have plenty of time to go to school and get multiple degrees; so you’d really know what you love to do.  So, I suppose, you could do what you love forever.  An eternity working might not seem so bad then.  I just can’t help thinking about all the time and effort and hard work and patience it would take to get there (read: drudgery).  But, you’ve got centuries, what else are you going to do?  Blow all your money on a weekend in Vegas and live on the streets in a box?


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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