Obstacles to Move

I’ve often wondered why I do the things I do.  Usually after a “good” plan turns out terribly.  And, as I sit there embarrassed, I can’t help wondering how I got into this mess.

It’s 100% my own fault.  Or is it?

I mean, if I want to work hard and get ahead, I can.  If I want to slack off, I can.  The world’s my oyster (I never really understood that phrase, especially since I don’t even like oysters [does that mean I don’t like the world?] now, we’re getting too deep).

But, oftentimes, something stands in my way.  It’s not always another person.  Like, when going for a promotion and the job is between you  and Freddy, sure, another person stands in your way.  But, when the choice is eat the last cookie or don’t, no one stands in my way (seriously, that’s a good way to lose a hand).

That doesn’t mean, however, that the cookie is just sitting on the counter.  It’s usually in a jar or under a wrapper of some sort.  It takes some effort to get it.  Is it worth it?  Duh.  And, I probably burned a calorie or two getting that cookie.  Clearly, I’m doing something good for my health (besides just sitting on the couch?).

Who knows what might stand in my way?  If I go to get my mail, a neighbor’s dog could be prowling the street.  The zombie apocalypse could start any moment.  There might be just one more boss to defeat before turning off my Xbox Playstation…let’s not ruffle any feathers, nerds be crazy [however, I will say, spell check recognizes Xbox, but not Playstation (or is that just because Microsoft writes the spellcheck for Explorer?) Coincidence?].

Okay, tangents aside, let’s take a moment to really think about the obstacles in my life and ways to overcome them.  …  Actually, that cookie sounds really good right now.  I’m out.


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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