Sometimes, I feel like the electronics supervisor [Core Toy Department Supervisor (means you’re in-charge of the boys and girls aisles and electronics)] job is like the Defense Against the Dark Arts job.  Not cursed, per say; but we have gone through a few since my original one left.

It’s almost like getting the job means you won’t be with the store and/or company much longer (that could be a good thing…depending.).

The [my] original one, let’s call him Mr. Bass, left in 2012 (he’s pretty much the exact opposite of Voldemort, so he probably didn’t curse the job).  He was replaced by Mr. Sanderson.  It was almost a year when Mr. Sanderson was promoted to an outlet store as manager.  The replacement was Mr. Matthews.  Mr. Sanderson’s store closed just before this holiday season and he returned in a new role.  Mr. Matthews didn’t last beyond this holiday season.  As you can see, the tenure for the DS is shortening.  This does not bode well for the new guy.

Maybe I’m to blame.  I mean, I have outlasted all Mr. Bass’s replacements.  Perhaps, I cursed the job. Or am difficult to work with.  Hopefully, however, I won’t have any problems with the new guy.  Mr. Button hopefully won’t be too heavy-handed or try to micromanage.  But, only time will tell.

Really, I just hope he’s funnier than the last guy…’cause that’s what I look for in a supervisor (who doesn’t?).

So, with the shortening tenure and the relative newbie status Mr. Button enjoys, I’m sure he’ll only be around for a few days.

But, hopefully, not; because then I’ll be out of a job.


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I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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One Response to Promoted?

  1. dharrisxv says:

    Whatever you do don’t let Dumbledore persuade you to take the job yourself – I presumming your senior manager has a big ol’ beard and a mischevious twinkle in his eye?

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