Living on Hoth

So, everyone seems to be comparing the Midwest to Hoth.  There’s no comparison.  Hoth is -30 to -60 degrees Celsius [-22 to -76 degrees Fahrenheit].  That’s definitely too cold for snow.  It snows a lot less there.  I’m pretty sure Luke never had to dig out his driveway after the snowplow finished with his street (that’s the beauty of Snowspeeders).

I mean, sure, it’s cold here.  My car did have to transform into robot mode to get home.  There’s a lot of snow.  I even saw a guy drive a snowmobile down the streets yesterday.  And it’s windy.

But it’s nice and warm in my house.  About 68 degrees Fahrenhiet [20 degrees Celsius].  So, yep, I’m staying home.

The only problem with calling it a snow day and not going to work is that I need to go to work to get my car…
Think they’ll notice if I get my car and don’t go in?  (Well, if I’m already there…).

Now, I suppose, I can say I know what the Rebels felt like.  Living in ice caves (who didn’t build ice caves out of the huge snow mounds as kids?), fighting Imperial forces, flying Snowspeeders, waiting for (and dreading) the big overnight freeze, evading Wampas, and getting snow blown back into my face (readjust the angle of the snow blower).

So, does anyone have an AT-AT or a Tauntaun I can borrow to get to work?  It’s seriously like Hoth out there.  Thank goodness my jacket is warm.  Best get my lightsaber (or blaster) winterized before going out in this mess.  The only thing worse than facing a Wampa is facing a Wampa one armed unarmed.


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I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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2 Responses to Living on Hoth

  1. You know it it cold when it is colder in Detroit than it is at the South Pole.

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