Scrooge-like Warmth

During this New Year cold snap, I get the feeling that I’m working for Ebenezer Scrooge.  Not for how much I’m paid, but how warm the place is.

I swear, it’s because a heater isn’t working [even one of the assistant managers said that].  Or, it could be that our store rooms border the outside walls, so they aren’t well insulated.  And the fact that the doors are constantly opening.

But, really, it’s probably the Scrooge thing.  Do you think Jacob Marley is haunting the toy store?  Or the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future?  That’d be fun.  …if a bit unsettling.

Who doesn’t want to travel through time (and relive past mistakes?).  Pretty sure every Dr. Who fan would love it.  Perhaps Scrooge was the first Doctor?

Then of course, I walk outside and realize work was actually warm, if only because the walls act as a windblock.

Yep, winter’s here.  Sorry global warming; guess we’ll see you in May or June.


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I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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One Response to Scrooge-like Warmth

  1. Katie (or Kaytren Li, as you perhaps may prefer) says:

    The title of this blog post caught my eye in my news feed somehow when I logged in to wander the internet and glance through things. The randomly interesting part (to me anyway), is that the whole reason I clicked on the title was because it made me smile wryly and think of work. Then upon further reading, I noticed that we both work for the same company. (Though I am a Service Desk queen, cash office, HR help, trainer/wrangler/first line of defense management help for seasonal cashiers, and general go-to-person for anything register and front end, while at first impression you seem more one of those versatile Rzone/front end/floor/BoH peeps who knows their stuff and helps make our lives run so awesomely smoothly).

    Anyways, after smiling in a touch of empathy over your blog about the chilly stock room, I went back looking for Black Friday entries. Reading them made me smile, because they feel entirely like everyday life and like home. Our service desk is a chilly, chilly place in this weather. I was there for the steady Thanksgiving busyness, and that growing loopy feeling we all had on Friday and Saturday. We’re in January now, where I’m beyond thrilled that my hours have become more 9-5 than 4am-2. I know this is very random, but I just felt like letting you know that those thoughts were appreciated and understood. Thanks for posting them! Stay warm and be well. 🙂

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