Holiday Hiatus–Over…Maybe

Ever notice how there’s this big rush toward the holidays?  Not just to get in line to enter the mall.  I mean, the build-up, the suspense (expense?), all of it leads up to two days.

And after those two days?

You’re left sitting on the couch.  Depressed.  Not because you didn’t get everything on your list.  Not because you got everything on your list.  Because it’s over.  The excitement’s gone.  The glamour, grandeur, and festivities are done.

Sure, people still keep their decorations up, still keep their lights lit.  But the 24 hour Christmas music on the radio stops the 26th.  Store prepare for the tide of returns.  Holiday seasonal items drop 50% or lower.

Even snow can’t stem the melancholic tide.  Life begins again like normal.  Like Christmas never happened.  The two days are ships passing in the night.  Fond memories and something to look forward to next year; but gone just the same.

And we’re left wondering, was it worth it?  Was all the suspense, all the pomp and circumstance, the giddy meetings with mall Santas, the long waits in line, the sweaty palms in final exams (which make it harder to read your cheat sheets).

The answer, without doubt, is yes.

Because, now, I can enjoy a few days off from work (or school).  I can rest and recuperate from the holiday madness.  But most of all, I can find myself enjoying the new stuff I received for Christmas.


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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