Winter Driving Pet Peeves

We all have them.  Those little (or not so little) things that make us nuts.  They just become more apparent while driving, especially in inclement weather.

So, in honor of the Mitten (some say the High-Five) State [and many others] getting its first major snowfall of the year, I thought I’d list out a few of the minor annoyances I’ve noticed while driving on snow covered streets.

1. People driving too fast
Why?  I mean, sure, it’s the holiday season and people are in a hurry to get the last Doc McStuffins toy; but, I’m pretty sure its more important to get to the store.  Waiting for a tow truck in ditch doesn’t help you get that toy any faster.

2. People driving too slow
While it’s not necessarily a bad thing, there is a point where caution becomes overkill.  If you’re barely above idling, maybe you should reconsider driving somewhere until you’re more comfortable with how clear the roads are.

3. Driving too close to me
Whether on the side or right behind, it freaks me out.  I don’t know how good of a driver you are (I’m guessing terrible).  I don’t know when you might hit a patch of ice (I’m fearing soon).  I don’t know if you’ll go crazy and decided to floor it and skid across the snow (I’m hoping you won’t…unless you’re driving a snowmobile).

4. Cutting me off
This one is an all weather one; but becomes more bothersome during a snowfall.  Why?  It’s a lot scarier (for me).  You might think you have complete control over your car.  But between the two-track I’m in and the two-track you’re in, there’s snow…

5. Driving like it’s not snowing (or forgetting how to drive when it’s snowing)
Some people just don’t understand snow.  Either they forgot how to drive in it and grip the wheel like it’s a log on a raging whitewater or they ignore it and drive blissfully unaware of the dangers it represents.  I’m not saying don’t be careful.  I’m not saying don’t feel confident in your ability to work safely out of a spin.  I’m just saying, snow is a different animal than wet pavement.  And where there’s snow, ice is sure to follow.  [I don’t care how good a driver you might be, it’s tough driving on ice.]

So, maybe I’m overly cautious protective.  Maybe I drive at yellow alert, not necessarily read alert, during the winter, rain, mall hours; but perhaps that’s just because insurance is expensive and I always miss my car when it’s in the shop.


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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