Quick Thanksgiving Recap–It’s a Doozy

Well, Thanksgiving’s come and passed and I had to work (duh).  But, it actually wasn’t that bad.  We weren’t too busy.  I think people were boycotting the fact that we were open on Thanksgiving [from the bottom of my heart, thank you]; either that, or we just didn’t have any good sales and people were elsewhere.

Let me just take a minute and warn you: this is a long one.  Best enjoyed with leftover turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes and as a warm up for your turkey-sated (food coma) nap.

There’s always a few crazies that make their way into the store.  However, I think a few of my fellow employees must’ve been hyped up either on turkey or from the Lion’s win [first in 9 years on Thanksgiving] because they were rowdier than the customers…some in a good way.

Let me break it down for you.  I had a relatively easy night ahead of me.  Placed in charge of the tablet case was a cushy deal.  I just stood around and waited for a runner to hand me a ticket, then I gave them the item and they returned it to whatever register they came from.  Super nice.  No hassle.  Then one of the ticket guys started worrying that the item count was off.  I checked, double checked, triple checked.  Took a few minutes to track him down on the floor amid the customers who wanted his items and the ones he was helping.  Rechecked the tickets.  Tracked him down again [did I mention he likes to wander and talk?].  Pulled the “extra” tickets just in case and waited.

We didn’t sell out of the ones we could find…

After the initial rush, we started to slow down.  Not too bad.  My manager asked me to go reshop some excess items.  I can do that.  Afraid for my life, I wade through the lines of products on the floor, trying not to make eye contact with customers lest I get drawn into their vortex of neediness.  Really, I don’t like it when they yell at me when we don’t have an item in stock I just don’t want to disappoint them.  But, it actually was pretty calm.  Surprisingly.  So, I put a few items away.  Chilled in the back-of-house for a moment with the guys to catch my breath [hey, they said they had reshop back there; I had to check].  Then, my supervisor asked me to straighten and fill Skylanders.

I think my heart stopped.  I was all nervous.  You know how Skylander fans are.  Rabid.  So, I began straightening.  Low and behold a few people needed help, but they were reasonable and just wanted to know about the different sales on the figures and the games.  Nothing too horrifying.

After a quick lunch I took the place of the back of line captain.  Life was good [since there was hardly any line I got to hang out with my favorite coworker (sorry, she reads this {that makes 1}, I need to get brownie points)].

Then it started to get weird.

Back in electronics our cashiers started going home.  Good for them.  I was stuck behind the counter; but I wasn’t worried, since we’d been slow all night and I had a plan.  If I just rang customers at a slower pace than usual, I’d deal with less customers.  And it would’ve worked, except I’ve trained myself to be a fairly fast cashier.  It’s super difficult to drop your pacing…but I gave it my best effort.  Probably should’ve gotten a medal in slowing down cashier speed unnaturally…wait, nope, that didn’t happen.  I didn’t get many customers because we weren’t busy.

So we just chatted in electronics.  Well, I sort of chatted and helped customers .  The other two guys decided they’d discuss the women in the store.  Why is it when guys get together we discuss women?  Because there’s only one thing on our minds?  Because women mystify us?  Because we’re bored?  Probably all three…two out of three…it’s at least one of those.

Anywho, somehow they placed a bet.  I tried to edge away from that.  Plausible deniability when HR rolls in.  So, you’re wondering what sort of bet.  Well, I try to keep this kid friendly, so I won’t really be able to tell you.  Let’s just say a few minutes later another coworker, a lady, came up and asked me,

[[I had a longer, more detailed post; but decided, it was probably best to edit it to protect my coworkers…or something.  Just insert whatever politically correct, Big Brother type redaction message you prefer]]

…let’s just say something awkward…but not something that hasn’t been discussed before at work (but is definitely borderline NSFW [somehow, I get NSFW stories at work…]).

Let’s just say someone owes someone else $10.  Whether they pay up or not is an entirely different matter.  Mostly, because, I think, no one expected the question to get an actual answer…at least I didn’t think they’d ask.

I did learn something new, however.  It’s super weird to get relationship advice from customers (if I’m asking a stranger for dating advice, I’m doing something wrong [that’s what the internet’s for]) and to get a “that’s what’s up” nod from them, too.

Fortunately, I made it through the rest of my shift without anything weird happening. Except there was no one to cover me and the line started to grow long.  I fought the instinct to run.  But, I’m not ashamed to admit, I wanted to curl up in the corner and rock myself to sleep.  I’m just glad I made it home in one piece, with most of my sanity intact, and without a visit to HR.

We’ll see how tomorrow (today?) goes.  Saints preserve us.  The real Black Green Friday [as work calls it] begins.  May God have mercy on our souls.  


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I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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