Black Friday: Getting Loopy

Have you ever woken up feeling good?  I mean, really good.  Like singing and dancing good (but in a totally straight way…in my case)?  I don’t know how it happened, but on only six hours of sleep, I woke up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Then I got to work.

We weren’t crazy busy, just steady.  People weren’t an angry mob.  I even had enough crew in the electronics department.  There was just something that made me feel in a funk.  Maybe it was because, I felt like I had just left.  Or, perhaps, I was feeling that post-Turkey day, I just overate and am still too full why did I eat breakfast this morning? stomach.

My eight hours at the store actually weren’t that bad.  I split time behind the register, stocking the electronics department, and working the game cases.  Mostly, I just ran the department when someone had a question.

Why is it every time someone needs to talk to me, I’m in the middle of helping a customer–usually at a register (like waiters/waitresses checking on you as soon as you take a bite…no matter how long you wait).

I found out one of my coworkers had a great idea yesterday.  She had a customer complain about her, so she was sent home.  Brilliant!  Sure, you miss out on time-and-a-half; but, you’ll get Thanksgiving off to spend with your family.  Well done.

Okay, so maybe it’s not the best policy to upset customers, but sometimes, there’s just no pleasing people.  We were giving out $10 certificates for spending a certain amount in the store all weekend.  Well, we [obviously] ran out today.  A lady got all upset and I had to pull out the ad and show her the fine print where it said while supplies last.  I mean, we’ve been handing them out since 5 PM yesterday–and one of my coworkers took a stack for himself–so, sorry.

She got all indignant because it was on the bottom of the add–with the rest of the fine print–and not with the ad [though it was double asterisked ].  She proceeded to tell me that she was then going to return her items.  Didn’t hurt my feelings.  So, I told her to go to customer service…sorry service desk.

I had to literally tell another customer three times that she needed to go to customer service to get a price adjustment, look up her receipt, and see if we had any of the item still in stock.  Literally three times.  Literally.  Like I’d lie about that (well…laziness knows no bounds).

Talked about the $10 bet…not because I wanted to.  Apparently, it’s still a battle as to who owes who.

People kept getting confused about our ads.  Some started yesterday at 5 PM and ended at 9 PM, some started this morning at 5 AM and got until tomorrow, and some go from Thursday through Saturday [to be fair the customers were confused yesterday, too].

Helped a coworker find his car keys–though I saw them in the desk when I came in and wondered whose they were–and he told me he loved me and offered to buy me lunch.  So…I’ve got a sweet, hetero-man date lined up…I suppose.

As my shift neared its climax, I think I started to go a little crazy.  I began dancing to the store’s music.  Started to get a headache.  And felt giddy.  Maybe I was just ready to call it a day.  Or, perhaps, I was just getting my second wind.  Or, my crew was my family and I felt comfortable enough to be a weirdo around them (hopefully, that’s not true, no one wants to see my true self).

On the plus side, no customers gave me dating advice.  I left before we closed.  I didn’t have to work more than eight-and-a-half hours either day.  On the down side, I didn’t get any cookies […well, they were brought in (wait, maybe that was from the redacted part of yesterday’s post)].

It felt good to get home and sit down.  Let me tell you, my mind is tired of running, spinning, and drifting.  It’s ready for a break and so am I.

Got home to make dinner and singed my arm on the top of my oven.  Luckily, I have gorilla arms and you can’t even tell.


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I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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