Voter Surprise

While I could sit here and write about the horrors of having to work Thanksgiving and the cruelty of working on a federal holiday, I shall refrain, as that has the potential to turn itself into a rant that no one wants to read (no matter how funny).  I will only say, “To those who refuse to shop on Thanksgiving, thank you.  To those who do, please stop” and leave it at that.

Instead, I shall endeavor to explore a different topic.  Why do people vote for someone then feel surprise when that person is elected?  It’s almost like they feel, “Oh sure, I voted for the guy; but never expected him to win”.  Why then did you vote for him?  You liked his hair? His dreamy eyes? His political stance? His charisma?

I’m definitely not saying you should vote for the person you think has the best chance of winning; but, if you voted for someone and they won, at least support them and don’t act surprised when they won [unless they vote for the dark horse (Bruce Wayne?)].

Besides, voting for someone you didn’t think would win got the Democrats to nominate Obama as a presidential candidate and got him into office…twice. Or how the Republicans chose to nominate Mitt Romney. [too soon?]

It just seems to me that if you vote for someone, you want them to win.  Based on some factor, regardless of what it is.  So, why feel surprise when they actually win?  But maybe, I’m thinking about this too logically.  Voting is an impassioned response to ad campaigns, speeches, debates, and the news’ spins.  I suppose it shouldn’t be a surprise that people are surprised their candidate won.

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I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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