An Odd Trend

I don’t know if people are growing more impatient as the holidays approach or I’m becoming more observant (probably not).  But I’ve become aware of an odd trend while driving.

Occasionally, as I sit at a red light, a car’s horn interrupts my music.  Sure, I might blare it a bit loud, but that’s only to keep me awake as I drive home from work…or to work.  So, it sometimes surprises me to hear a car’s horn.  Really, though it surprises me because I don’t use mine (just look for a finger).

It shouldn’t be surprising or odd to hear a car’s horn at a red light that just turned green.  Usually, I like to wait a moment or two to see if the car in front will go or not.  Though some people like to hit the horn as soon as the light changes.  That’s not the odd trend.

I’ve begun to notice people using their horns who aren’t the second car in line.  Sometimes, they aren’t even the third car.

Look, if you’re waiting at a red light, is it so hard to wait?  I mean, the car in front might be texting or taking a selfie.  Give them a few seconds.  Let them put their phone away.  But, if you’re not the second person in line, is it really your place?

I mean, you have to wait for the second car to put the phone away.  And the third.  The fourth.  Even you need to put your phone away.

Okay, so, if you see a light change and you put your phone away and still the line hasn’t begun to move…maybe then it’s okay to honk your horn.  …Maybe.  Depending on your position in the line.

Why does the fifth car need to honk their horn?  If the fourth car hasn’t moved, yet; but the rest of the line has (or you’re in a hurry).


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I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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