No, Just No

So the Tiger’s didn’t make it to the World Series.  We had a good run and a few bad breaks at the end.  It sucks.

Then Leyland resigned.

But let’s not compound the hurt.  What’s with all the talk that Ozzie Guillen might replace Jim?  That’s not a step up, it’s a step backward.  Just ask the White Sox fans (if they still have any after this season).

Leyland managed the Tigers from 2006-2013 and made the World Series 3 times.  That’s impressive no matter how you slice it.  His replacement will have a lot of expectations from the fans and probably from the club house.

But, please, let’s not pull a U of M and hire a Rich Rodriguez.  No one wants a repeat of that fiasco.  The Tigers’ roster will [hopefully] remain mostly unchanged and we’ll see how we do next year under new management.

I don’t mind Dombrowski choosing a proven minor league manager, provided they’ve done very well at that level.  I don’t even mind if he tries to get a manager from another team; but, please, don’t choose Ozzie Guillen.

That’s just depressing to think about (that’s why there are so few jokes today).


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I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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