Perhaps Obi-wan Was Wrong?

[No offense to those living in D.C. …you, know, except politicians. No one cares if they take offense (we just care if they take our money).]
It seems someone took Obi-wan up on his challenge in Episode IV (who thought it was a challenge?).

Sure, Mos Eisley had it’s problems (droid discrimination, bar fights, spies); but it never pretended to be something it wasn’t.  It knew it was home to bounty hunters, smugglers, Jawas, and all sorts of unsavory characters.  It was also a great place (the only place?) to get a drink after a long, hard day moisture farming.

Mos Eisley also happens to be the best place to pick up a pilot who won’t ask too many questions and get you to your destination quickly.  When there’s work to be done, you can count on finding someone in Mos Eisley who’ll be able and willing to do it.

There was no bickering or squabbling over money, semantics, issues, or who’s turn it was to stand at the front of the line.  People settled conflict the proper way: with violence.

Oh sure, you needed to carry a blaster to feel safe; but who doesn’t keep a trusty blaster at their side (Jedi.)?  Is there a better feeling than a DL-44 strapped to your leg?

Sure, scientists have almost discovered a way to build a lightsaber; but until it’s affordable, I think I’ll stick with the [equally unaffordable and unreal] blaster…unless scientists can also imbue me with something nature left out of my DNA, the Force.


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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