Today’s the Day

Every rapper is a poet
I think they know it
Even if every verse
Is filled with curse
words spewing insults and hatred
I prefer unicorns and rainbows instead

Everyone “trying to be me”
We’re all free to be
Whoever we want to be
[Pardon the soliloquy]
Maybe escaping reality
Maybe seeking commonality
Who do you want to be?

The kid in a backwards hat
Thinking he’s all that
Driving a Honda Civic
With holes punched in its
Muffler; sounding like a two-stroke
But everyone knows he’s broke
Laugh behind him like a joke

Suit up. Shape up. Be a man.
Be legend-wait for it-dary
Rocking yellow like a canary
For your power tie
With adrenaline high
Do better than the best you can.

Unwilling to look beyond mistakes
What will it take to shake
Your past.  How will you last?
Does it dog you? Haunt you?
Even taunt you?

Past is passed.
Future will be.
Present is now
But won’t last.
Don’t you see
Who you’ve got to be?

The kid on the corner
Maybe needs a blood donor
Finding rhymes with orange
Eating his cold porridge
(Thanks Eminem)
Waiting for a bus
That might never show
He’s not in a rush
Except to increase his know.

Don’t increase your no
Do increase your yes
The only way to be at your best
Sorry if you were expecting a jest
Or if I come off as a pest
These words came crawling out
Louder than a shout
From my pen they did spout
Now I’m all worn-out
I’ll leave a parting shout
To all my loyal readers
That one guy in the back row
Hiding behind his books
And giving sneaky looks
To the cute girl in the corner
Ask her for her number
Or she’ll drift away
And you’ll wish you could say
Words to make her stay
No matter how hard you pray
This is today.


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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One Response to Today’s the Day

  1. bkreuch says:

    I must admit, this turned out very different than I thought it would when I first began

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