Seeking White Tigers

Some days, I wish I was Multiple Man.  That I had the ability to create copies of myself.  Then, I could be in more than one place at the same time.

It’d really help for work [not that I do work].  On those days when I’m running the electronics department and covering the back of house for someone’s break and a new hire needs help.  Yeah, for those days.  That way, at least one of me could huddle in a corner and rock slowly back and forth whispering, “Why me?” (speaking from experience?).

Or, I suppose, it could make me more productive…

So, the other day, while I was covering the back of house [stockroom], I brought an item up to customer service and two customers had a question.  They were looking for a stuffed animal, a white tiger.  So, I decided to take the two seconds it normally takes to help them.  Mistake.

So, of course, we didn’t have any in stock.  One was only sold online and the other was sold only in stores [I didn’t have the heart to tell them that meant one store somewhere in the U.S. has one white tiger].  They asked if any other stores had them.  That’s when the trouble started.

I discovered that I couldn’t log into our store search system for some reason.  Then, I couldn’t find the numbers to the other stores.  One customer said, “You can Google it”; but our store only gets our website…mostly.  But, I remembered their on our website.

So, I spent the next 15 minutes calling another store.  Who didn’t have the tiger.  The customers asked if I asked about both tigers; I politely reminded them that one was only sold online.  I spend another 15 minutes calling a second store.  Who didn’t have the tiger (obviously).  At which point, the coworker I was covering for returned from lunch.  And I had done nothing to help their workload like they had hoped.

Then another coworker logged into our store system and I was confused.  I thought the system was down…turns out my password had expired.  Which is weird since I’ve logged into the system in the past week [2 days before this incident, actually] and usually, it tells you when your password is about to expire.  And, the error message is equal parts cryptic and unreadable.  First, the log in section stays on top of the error message, so you can only read half of it.  Second, the part you can read just says authorization and validation error and suggests the computer may not be connected to the network.  Nowhere does it say password invalid…unless that’s underneath the log in info.

Next time, I’ll just change my password.

Too bad my learning curve still feels like it did during high school calculus.


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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