It’s Official: Affleck Worst Batman

Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na–No Affleck, just no!

Upon hearing the news that he got the part, Ben Affleck apparently began practicing the Batman theme song.  America’s quick and impassioned response was No.

It’s official, everyone’s voted, before the movie’s even begun production the loud, vocal masses have decided that Ben Affleck is the worst Batman out of all the Batman […Batmen?].

Ben Affleck only recently got the part for the new Man of Steel sequel and already feels the kind of hate only J.J. Abrams has previously known for slipping R2-D2 into both his Trek movies.

When asked for comment, Joe Comic-Reader said, “Have you seen Daredevil? Of course he’ll be bad as Batman.”

On the other side of the fence, there is the quieter, less vocal masses who are waiting to see the movie and reserving judgment.  A few are even cautiously optimistic.

It was difficult tracking one of these rare, skittish folk down, but through sheer determination, we got this soundbite: “Have you seen Daredevil? Of course he’ll be a good Batman.”

So there you have it, Affleck’s Batman [apparently] hinges on whether or not you liked Daredevil (regardless of anything else he’s done in his career).


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