Renaissance Fair Q’s (No A’s)

Well the Renaissance Fair is in town [well, near my town, anyway] and that brings a few questions to mind.

1. Who wants to go?  Not in a “Why would anyone go?” but in a “I’m interested in going, I’ve never been, and this is probably something I should get punched on my nerd card”.

2. Do you have to dress up?  (Does dressing up as Spock count?)

3. Do the people at Renaissance Festivals get mad at people for dressing up like Trek characters (blame Big Bang Theory).

4. Is there a way to sign-up to joust?  Because seriously, yes please!

5. Do they judge you on the size of your sword?

6. How many people go without dressing up? (Back to the question of costume, huh? [Inquiring minds want to know])

7. Can I get cat’s meat and/or hog’s wine? (Name that movie)

8. What about a butterbeer? (Everyone knows that movie…those movies?)

9. Do people get into duels while roaming the streets of the festival?  It seems like a possibility after reading “Romeo and Juliet”.  I just need to know if I should be prepared to defend my honor (is that the proper usage? […or something like it; sure]).

10. If I bring a cat will people accuse me of “having congress with the beast” (and then ask if I’m in Congress?)?


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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One Response to Renaissance Fair Q’s (No A’s)

  1. bkreuch says:

    So, I’ve been told that the quote is neither “Cat’s meat” nor “Cat’s mead” and “Hog wine” but rather “Cold meat and Hot wine”.

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