Bat in the Belfry

So, there was a bat in the store the other day.  Actually, for two days.  Definitely weird.  I mean, did it get into the store (the doors)?  Why did it fly in there?  Also, how often do you see a bat in broad daylight?

So, yeah, there was a bat.  I came in for my shift and about an hour into it, all of a sudden, customers were looking up.  A rare occurrence.  The bat was skimming the lights.  Then, it decided to fly lower.  I shot around my head, but still well above me.

But, after a few passes, it latched into the rafters and slept.

The next day, around the same time [coincidentally, I was at work again], the bat woke and began flying around the store.  This time it flew longer than a few passes.  And flew lower.  Like skimming the ground, lower.

Yeah, it definitely flew toward me a few times at head level.  During those occasions, I just froze; not out of terror, though.  Bats have echolocation.  I didn’t want to mess it up while it swooped and swerved.  So, in order to avoid running into it, I tried to melt into the wall.

Then, after a few passes in the cart coral, the bat inexplicably disappeared (probably flew out the door).  Thankfully, no customers freaked out too badly.  Probably the bat was more scared than the rest of us (doubtful).

But, there you go, a little excitement in the daily life.  And it seems bats are smarter than birds.  Whenever a bird flies into the store, it’s trapped until someone chases guides it toward the doors.  Maybe it’s because bats live in caves…


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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One Response to Bat in the Belfry

  1. Jenn Beckley says:

    I thought it was kinda cute. Also the mean part of me was really hoping the new mgr would get buzzed or shit on. 😀

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