Why I’m Not a Teacher

It’s back to school time and we all know what that means: crabby kids and happy parents.  I’ve come to understand a few things about myself.  I may not be in school, but I can always learn…or at least take naps on desks.

There’s one main reason [probably mentioned before] I’m not a teacher, parents (not students?).  You know the parents I mean.  The ones who let their kids run around stores doing whatever they want.  The ones who play hockey with their kids in the aisles.  The ones who encourage their kids to ride bikes around the store.  Yep.  The ones who think their kids are failing because the teacher is bad.

I’m just not suited to teaching.  Teaching is more than forcing knowledge on those who’d rather not learn it.  Teaching is sharing a passion and igniting excitement for it in others.

I’m just not passionate [you know, except about naps].  The things that I like doing are solitary endeavors.

  1. Writing: you do it alone, in a quiet place; sometimes it drives you mad or to despair; some of your best ideas happen when you least expect them (or are drunk [so that’s why vampire’s glitter, beer goggles]).  Sure, people watching is part of it, but mostly, you’d rather be left alone to just write.
  2. Reading: how often do you get sucked into a world and escape the mundane reality of this one?  I clearly remember asking my mom for five more minutes to finish a chapter before going to bed or locking myself in the bathroom just so I could read in peace and quiet (tmi).
  3. Researching: Not academic research, I’m not a sadist.  But researching and world building are parts of writing that keep things fresh and can give new ideas to a stagnant process (breaking the writer’s block?); it can also be a great way to procrastinate just about anything.

So, in the end, I must admit, I suppose, I am passionate about a few things.  But mostly, I’m just passionate about not interacting with people.  I suppose I’m just a mysoginist misandryst misanthrope masquerading as an introvert (not an asocialist?).


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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