Gay Giraffes

I read once [never again, too strenuous on the eyes] somewhere that giraffes are gay.  I thought that was unfair.  I mean, what did giraffes ever do?  They aren’t the oddest looking creature or the silliest.  And I’m not sure how good they are at sports, fashion, cooking, or home decorating.  Plus, I’ve never seen a giraffe wear a boa (might need to do a quick internet search).

I suppose all this evidence comes from the fact that male giraffes have been seen twining their necks together.

Well, um, okay.

So two guys walking down the street holding hands are gay?  Maybe they were dared to do it?  Maybe captivity is boring.  How often can you people watch (all day, tourists are hilarious).

Ever been in prison?  Seen a prison movie.  It’s like Vegas, doesn’t count.  A dude gets blue, he might start looking a little sly; but once he’s out free range, he’s as straight as a giraffe’s neck…

People don’t want to be judged by perceived perceptions or stereotypes; neither do animals.  That’s racists speciesist.

All I’m saying is, until someone invents a way for us to talk to animals (like on SeaQuest [no one remembers that show]) we probably shouldn’t try to figure out what an animal is thinking (I have a hard enough time deciphering what women think).  Not that I want to know why dogs hump everything (boredom, clearly).  Somethings are better left unknown.


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I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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One Response to Gay Giraffes

  1. Wait just a minute. I remember Sea Quest — and I was pissed on how it was cancelled. That doesn’t make me gay, does it?

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