Re: A New Minimum

[A rebuttal]

Get a job, hippie.

You think raising the minimum wage will improve anything? (I was hoping) You might as well adjust inflation down, so things are less expensive.

They (who’s “they”?) say that those who work at a place are more likely to spend money there, i.e. fast food and retail workers.  But, what happens when you increase their pay?  They finally have a more disposable income and can afford more than the basics.  So, now they’re out there spending money outside their places of employ.  I don’t know if that sounds good to you; but it sounds like anarchy to me.

We can’t just have people spending their money willy-nilly.  They might over-stimulate the economy (at least something’s getting stimulated).  Or create a spending overload.  The global economy could crash (aren’t we headed there, anyway?).  We could lose everything (that’s why all my money’s in gold and silver under my bed [great; just broadcast that across the universe, why don’t you?]).

There’s plenty of ways for people to spend within their means.  If you don’t like you job or its wages, get a new one.  Work your way up the ladder through hard work, dedication, and brown-nosing luck talent.  That’s how we did it my day (while walking two miles to work, barefoot, through the snow, uphill both ways?).

If everything was given to you, you’d have it too easy and wouldn’t be thankful for the things you do have.


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I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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One Response to Re: A New Minimum

  1. Loose change that falls out of your pocket does not constitute gold and silver stored under your bed.

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