Age of Ultron

Ever since the announcement at Comic-Con, the internet has exploded (perhaps that’s the legacy of Marvel’s Avengers).  Avengers 2: Age of Ultron is already looking to surpass the box office totals of the original (hey, it could happen).  And nerds everywhere are flocking to learn more about the sequel.

Sure there’s a lot of buzz surrounding the sequel.  The actors aren’t happy with their salaries.  Will Robert Downey, Jr. return for Iron Man 4?  How long can they really keep such a high caliber cast together?  Will there be a Firefly cameo?

But perhaps the most intriguing question is: Will the other movies–Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Thor: The Dark World–add elements into Avengers 2?  Will Bucky return?  Will he be a bad guy?  Will Thor reunite with Jane Foster (of course)?  And, are Elves really that scary (ask Drizzt Do-Urden…or do Drow not count?)?

But, of course, the most important piece of news surrounding the Avenger’s sequel, is that it is in fact going to start filming soon-ish.  Like next spring, soon.  So, I suppose that’ll bring more people to London than the Olympic Games.


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