An Odd Dream

Sometimes, I just don’t understand my dreams.  Not my goals, my dreams, my literal REM cycle.  They are, occasionally, too weird.  I’ll give you an example.

In my dream, I just got a new job working at a restaurant [keep in mind, I’ve never worked at a restaurant].  But not as a server.  In fact, I don’t really know what my job was.  I just kind of stood around and greeting people and talked to them for the first few days.

Well, one day, my boss asks me if I could help out and wait on a couple tables since one of our regular servers called in sick.  So I agreed.  Without the proper training.

This was nothing like diving head first into the shallow end.

I only had two tables.  But only remember one.  A single lady sitting outside.  Just before the dinner rush.

She seemed nice at first (that’s the key phrase).

I took her order and gave it to the cook.  Then I proceeded to talk to the second table [I assume.  Though I might have just meandered around until her order was ready].

I got a call, either over the restaurant loudspeaker or through a walkie-talkie–not sure which, maybe both [it was a dream after all]–asking if anyone had an order waiting.  Of course, it was my order for the lady.

I go to the kitchen.  I have to plate the order myself.  Not too difficult.  Except that the wraps [fajitas?] were in a plastic bag (did the cook use bag dinners?) and I had to cut them out.  Then I had to find a serving tray to carry the hot plate.  Unfortunately, I had no idea where the trays were kept [apparently, I didn’t know where the dishes were washed].

Luckily, another server took pity on me.  The cute daughter of my boss [at least, that’s the vibe I got from the dream].

Okay, so food on tray, tray in hand, I return to the lady.  I apologize for the wait.  Oops, skipped a step.  Someone asked me if I was working table 97.  I was.  She asked me if I heard my buzzer go off.  I stared at her.  Apparently, I had a call.  She held up a jacket.  Apparently, we had uniforms…maybe they were just for the dinner rush…  Inside the uniform’s pocket was a vibrating disk with flashing lights an a number on its face: 97.

Okay, so food on tray, tray in hand, I return to the lady.  I apologize for the wait.  She just asks for the bill and says she wants to leave.

I walk through the restaurant looking for the billing station.  The cashiers work at two stations on a u-shaped counter.  I wait until one’s free.  She prints out the bill.  The assistant manager greets me.  He compliments me on how well I’m doing.  He congratulates me on lasting a month and says I’ll be getting a raise.  He explains that every month, we get a raise, if we perform well (where do I sign up?).

Back to the lady.  It’s starting to get really windy [I think you can see where this is going].  I walk to her table and hand her the bill.  Staying polite and respectful.  She complains that I forgot the bill.  I look down.  No bill.  I apologize and explain about the bill.  It must have blown away when I transferred it to her hand.  I search for it.

Sure enough, it’s blowing across the terrace.  I pick it up and return it to her.  I stand and wait for her method of payment.  She harangues me (maybe that’s her payment?).  Interestingly, I didn’t walk away, just stayed there.

Then I woke up.  Not sure if she ever paid.

Like I said, sometimes I have really odd dreams.  And I don’t mean wanting to go to the Olympics or trying to complete a Where’s Waldo book in its entirety.  Again, those are  goals.  I’m still not sure what the dream meant, but I do know that someone probably has a Freudian or Jungian explanation.  That person, however, isn’t me (clearly).

I will say this, I do have a new appreciation for those in the food service industry.  All thanks to my Inception lucid almost lucid dream.

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I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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