The Decline of Vampires?

I’ve heard people say that X movie or Y book has contributed to the decline of vampires.  Or that “Vampires used to be cool”.  But, really, is there anything you can do to kill the vampire craze (drive a shiny stake through its heart?)?

Since, probably ancient times, vampires have been talked about.  Mostly as frightening creatures that haunt graveyards.  People used to be concerned with keeping the dead, well, dead.  Now, though, the craze seems to have shifted to dating the cold, lifeless corpse of someone who wants to drain you of your bodily fluids (what does that say about our society?).

I’m sure we’ll continue to see paranormal romances, thrillers, mysteries, and even picture books well into the future.  There’s just no stopping the undead (silver bullets).  But, that’s not necessarily bad.

We need [at least, I need] to escape from [my] reality.  And vampires let us envision a more …well, a different time.  A place where people are pale, cold, suave, and sophisticated.  A far cry from the original, creepy vampires of the Middle Ages.  [Not that anyone wants to read about a girl falling in-love with a bloated, decaying corpse…]

Vampires are cool and will continue to stay cool, regardless of efforts to combat that coolness (subtle).  The only question is “Will they remain at the top of the paranormal food chain, or will something else take their place?”


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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