Ideas Fighting Against Everything Else

Do you ever have those days where you get a lot of ideas, but zero time to focus on them?  I mean, usually, my ideas come to me in the shower…or at work.  And who brings paper and pen with them to those places?

So, I just try to remember the ideas (unsuccessfully).  This is especially difficult since work has a way of being, well, work.  And sucking all my energy away.  Plus, the Tigers usually play at night so the TV’s on.  Who can write while watching TV?

Then there’s research.  I get so absorbed in it, everything else pretty much doesn’t exist.  Whether it’s dinosaurs, heraldry, poems, swords, bows, or names, my time is fairly well wasted parceled out.

If only I had more time, motivation, or energy and less work, distractions or, um, work.  Really, I think it’s just the work thing.  I know I’d be a total boss at life, if I didn’t have to worry about work.

I could focus on getting fit and looking awesome (instead of like…well, round [not that round isn’t a shape or anything] stupid Hollywood and their ideals of shallowness).  I could write all day (and get a super sore butt).  I could even take naps (man, I miss those).  Plus, I might even find time to train for the 2016 Olympics.

But, alas, there’s always my constant obstacle: work.

Stupid work.

Who’s idea was it to create money, in the first place?  Probably some writer/bard.  “What do you mean, I can’t trade this paper for a loaf of bread?  I’ll show you.  I’ll show everyone.”  Actually, I take that back, it was probably a painter.

Well, eventually the ideas will bubble out (or explode [not sure which, really]).  Until then, I’ll just let them marinate…isn’t that what you do with good ideas?


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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