Distracted Driving

The other day, I saw something I thought only existed on TV: a guy shaving on his way to work.  Previously, I had only seen such acts on commercials.  Obviously, people do it (when they’re running late or all the time?).

It was just an electric razor, but still I wondered, “What if he hits a pothole?”  Why take the chance?  Or are electric razors really that impossible to cut yourself with?  Plus, isn’t it distracting to drive and shave (more than driving while on the phone?)?

But, maybe I just don’t do it because I have a beard and don’t use an electric razor.

I’d have to drive, lather up with shaving cream, then shave.  Plus, I’d probably use a mirror to guide me around my beard.  …That’d be interesting (don’t try it at home, kids).

Thankfully, though, I don’t use a straight razor, I’d like to; but it’s just disposables at the moment.  One pothole and  it’s “Goodbye face, hello surgeon. (unless you meet a telephone pole)”

Let’s face it, there are myriad ways to distract yourself while performing the plebeian task of driving.  Might as well shave some time off your morning routine (I see what you did there, pathetic) and multitask.

I’ll keep a lookout for more people.  Maybe I’ll even see someone applying makeup or getting dressed…though hopefully more clothed rather than less [otherwise, I’d get too distracted].

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I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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One Response to Distracted Driving

  1. I have enough problems just driving. I don’t think I could even attempt to shave and drive. Of course I would be shaving my legs, which would be harder to reach.

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