Nice Work, Boston!

Thank goodness Boston won.  And in a sweep, too.  Take that Penguins, Gary Bettman, and NBC.  Only, now I wonder what will NBC talk about (probably Cindy Sydney Crosby).

Not that I never liked the Pens.  I was a fan of Pittsburgh back when Lemieux was on the team…and they were good.

At least, we won’t have to put up with Crosby’s whining.  Or maybe NBC will just fill the time until the end of the Blackhawks-Kings series with clips of Crosby.

It’s hard to say when the love affair with players began (it doesn’t have an end in sight).  It is safe to say, however, that sports fans, sports writers, and sportscasters are looking for superstars like LeBron James (could have gone my entire life without seeing him win a championship), Koby Bryant, Sydney Crosby, and Alex Rodriguez [none of whom are that good, imho (at least the Yankees would agree with me on A-Rod)].

We hoist these people up as gods among men.  Even when they are in one city (like Cleveland) and wear a different teams hat (like the Yankees).  Even when they struggle…perhaps that’s when we like them most.  Perhaps we only put them up on pedestals to see them fall.  Who hasn’t played that grade school game where you sneak up and crouch behind someone and your friend pushes them over you?  Don’t lie.  You’ve done it, too (or at least had it done to you).

The attitude surrounding Pro sports is backward.  Why did the individual become more important the the team?  We’ve forgotten our little league lesson: There’s no “I” in team (but there is a “me”).


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One Response to Nice Work, Boston!

  1. I don’t know WHERE I would ever WEAR another team’s hat.

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