Who’s the New Doctor?

The latest buzz circulating is that there’s going to be a new Doctor Who (what number are we on?).

Many people are hoping for a certain bloke to play their favorite British hero…besides James Bond (wait, is James Bond British, because Sean Connery isn’t?)…or Harry Potter.

My friend David had this to say on the subject:

Dear Doctor Who fans:

If an actor is already famous, and has already appeared on Doctor Who since it relaunched (such as Simon Pegg, who was the editor in the Long Game, or John Simm, who was The Master), then they will not be cast as the next Doctor.

Other people who will not be the next Doctor: Any previous Doctors. That means no David Tennant coming back as the next regeneration. That’s just not how it works.

A woman – especially Billie Piper, or Catherine Tate, or any other companion. It’s not been written off In Universe, but the chances of Moffat, or any head writer, doing it are extremely slim. Why? Because the format as it is, with a Male Doctor, has worked in some fashion for fifty years, across television, film, radio, and print. They’re not going to mess with that just to take a chance on seeing a woman play the Doctor. They’ll stick with what’s established, what works. And, if nothing else, it’s for the best with the current writing team, because Moffat can’t write women for toffee. I love the man, but he just… doesn’t write them well. At all.

Benedict Cumberbatch. He’s too big, his career has too much momentum, Doctor Who would just hold him back. Besides, he’s already, apparently, turned it down once.

More or less anyone of equal or greater current stature and fame as, for example, Benedict Cumberbatch. For the same reason as above.

I reserve the right to update this list as more stupid suggestions circulate the internet.

Don’t try to predict it. Moffat’s only going to surprise you anyway. Just chill out, go with the flow, and see what happens at Christmas.

Thanks, and warmest regards:


I think that adequately sums it up.  My only caveat is that I hope the 12th Doctor is American.  That’d be a nice twist.  And dispel all the nasty English-only sentiment circulating around the rumors.  Come on BBC, get with the times.  Branch out from the island [I suppose there are still great choices for the part in the UK (Daniel Radcliffe springs to mind)].

No one thinks you’ll labeled like the Cheerios haters; but is it too much to ask that the Doctor be American?  Or blonde?  A ginger is just going too far, though (unless it’s Rupert Grint).


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