Soldier On

I like it when people tell me I can’t even write so I shouldn’t judge [before I submitted anything for review because on this particular site you need to pay [like 2.50 a month] to submit works for review and I wanted to see if I’d like the community first (way to be friendly and inviting).]  Maybe that’s why I don’t join online critique sites…

I respond, “Listen son
Did you just shoot your mouth off like a gun?
Without even looking
Where you were aiming?
‘Cause I’m coming out swinging.

Words are my weapon of choice
So sit back and listen to my voice.
Can you hear in my tone
I hope I don’t catch you alone
Or when you’re at home
Reading my words
Thinking they’re turds.

When you’re just jealous.”
Come on fellas,
You know what I mean,
You’ve seen what I’ve seen
“I say what I mean.
I mean what I say,
I’m sorry it didn’t make your day.

Where you looking for sunshine and daisies?
Are these other reviewers crazies?
Do we just coddle and swaddle
Babies with bottles?

That’s not why I’m here
I won’t blow smoke up your rear.
Not always constructive
Never destructive
Just trying to make you better,
You silly bed-wetter,
So the public will get
The share of your wit
And not nonsense
That’s the wrong tense.

There’s a no dearth of writing
[Are we still fighting?]
Most is bad
Isn’t it sad?
Hone your skills
I don’t count my kills
Like dollar bills.

Pick yourself up
Wash your face, pup
Grow a thick skin,
Don’t come at me again
Sharpen your pencil
Don’t get mental
Write out a line.
Is it fine?
Write another,
No need to rhyme it, brother.

Meter and verse,
I keep it terse,
Otherwise it’s lost
I’m not a boss
I just happen to know
Where you need to grow.”

Too bad I can’t help myself the same way…guess I’m just weird that way [also, getting put down unleashes my inner gangsta poet, it seems (is that what they mean by poetry slam?) which makes me wonder why I don’t rhyme at work…].


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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3 Responses to Soldier On

  1. bkreuch says:

    Another writer–I critiqued their work saying it was dense with telling rather than showing–said that their regular readers [I only read one chapter in the middle of their book, as that was what was given to me] understood why there was more telling…*facepalm*

  2. now that is just too funny. I mean, you should have known that from the start. just saying.

  3. Jenn Beckley says:

    U should definitely start rhyming at the nasty customers. But only if you broadcast it over the walkies too. We should all get to enjoy their reaction. Just saying.

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