Busy Work

I’m not saying I like work (who does?); but is there anything worse than busy work?  Work that’s just time consuming and pointless?

Sure, it makes the time pass, but there are other things I can do to pass the time (getting new high scores on Angry Birds comes to mind).

Work decided to replace our magnet lock pegs with new ones.  Not in itself a bad thing.  The security standards changed and more things need the new pegs.  Still not bad.  However, the standard for headphones (i.e. earbuds) is to put 4 in front of the lock and the rest behind…we don’t have a peg with more the four on it; thus the new security is moot.

More than kind of odd.

But, nevertheless, I replaced the non-locking pegs with locking pegs and put the four earbuds in front of the lock according to SOP.  So, if corporate ever comes in, maybe they can explain the change to me.  Until then, I wasted valuable Angry Bird time.  Now someone else will get the new high score (probably the next person to work in electronics since they won’t have any busywork […sorry I finished it all?]).

Eh, I guess that’s life.  Do a whole lot of nothing and get paid for it…or maybe that’s just my life…


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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