And Nerds Everywhere [in Michigan…well, near Novi] Rejoiced

This past weekend was the Novi ComiCon.  Featuring Stan Lee, best known for his cameo on The Big Bang Theory his cameos in the Marvel movies creating countless Marvel characters [both heroes and villains], Cary Elwes, best know for Robin Hood: Men in Tights and The Princess Bride, and Edward James Olmos, Admiral Adama [obviously, from Battlestar Galactica].

Traffic was horrendous.  The freeway was a parking lot.  The adjacent streets were at a standstill.  The main street…let’s just say, it was faster to walk.  People who lived nearby couldn’t leave their driveways.

Oh, did I mention there was also a fair.

And, the mall is hardly two blocks away.

Like I said, traffic was a nightmare.  Unless you’re used to rush hour in LA or New York, then it was just traffic.  But, for us in the Midwest, it was a fever dream of bad.  Hazy fumes mingled with the heat to create odd visions in the street.

And, I missed it all [great dunderhead that I am, I forgot to ask for the time off, so I worked the whole weekend…getting to work was terrible (see above)].

But, hopefully, this means that the Novi Con will get bigger every year, maybe not as big as the San Francisco ComiCon, but if we can attract the likes of Stan Lee…maybe, just maybe we can unite the whole cast of Firefly or bring in some Star Trek veterans.  Who knows, one day, we might even get an Avenger (probably the actor who ends up playing Ant Man); and that’d really be something.

“Until next time, true believers. Excelsior!” -Stan Lee (might not be a direct quote)


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One Response to And Nerds Everywhere [in Michigan…well, near Novi] Rejoiced

  1. Jenn Beckley says:

    Yeah, btw, he said that. In person. It was awesome. That was how he ended the q&a.

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