Star Trek Into Darkness (…I Hope Not)

As we all know, Star Trek Into Darkness premiers today in the US.  Who’s excited (a better question is, Who isn’t excited?)?

So, I will be spending my day in the deep dark of my local movie theater surrounded by my fellow nerds as we seek to boldly go where we’ve only gone once before: into a J.J. Abrams Star Trek movie.

I’m sure by now almost every Trekkie has seen pictures of the new *spoiler alert* Klingons and been dismayed.  I, however, am trying to remain optimistic (struggling to hold onto hope).  I imagine that the costume and make-up departments said, “Do we have to do individual ridges on every extra?  Can’t we just create a generic cowl that looks like armor?”  So, I suppose that is easier and perhaps cost effective (but not as awesomely Trek).

Has anyone not seen this meme circling the Tholian web interwebs? [Not created by me.]

Here are the things we know:
1. It’s directed by JJ Abrams
2. It will be an action adventure …in space
3. It will have the U.S.S. Enterprise
4. Most of the cast of Star Trek (2009) return
5. And (from every trailer) Kirk and Spock run through a field of red wheat (?) and jump off a cliff ala Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
6. There will be lens flare

So, lets just take a deep breath and watch Star Trek Into Darkness.  If not for the sheer enjoyment that is Trek, then perhaps for a chance for a glimpse at Leonard Nimoy…so we can get all giddy (you know it’s true).

If all else fails and you’re really disappointed after seeing the movie, just host a movie marathon and watch all the Trek movies in order (binge watching).  From Star Trek: The Motion Picture through Star Trek: Nemesis.  That should alleviate your Star Trek needs for a while [I’d recommend watching the series, but there are so many episodes, it might take a while…plus they’re not all on Blu-Ray yet and really what’s the point if they’re not on Blu-Ray?].


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