To Get a New Job or To Not Get a New Job, That is the Question

So, I was browsing the internets, minding my own business, when I stumbled upon this article.  (It’s probably a sign.)

And that got me thinking (never good).  What are the signs you need a new job?  So, of course, I checked out the article.  But, I think they missed a few.

1. Customers don’t respect you
2. Your job sucks
3. Your pay sucks
4. You feel like you’re wasting time
5. You work in retail…the food industry…with people…near people
5. You work

Oh, and the most obvious:

6. You hate dislike you job

I’m fairly certain no one likes work.  And even if someone does (mutant), do they always love the job they are in?  Hard to say, I just know this, sometimes change is good.  Other times change is bad.

Would I rather stick with what I know (and dislike)? Or try something new (and maybe dislike it more)?


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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