A Guy’s Guide to Female Coworkers, Part 1

Some people think that the workplace is a good place to find a date [I’m not disagreeing]; however, after a while, all the options are gone…or start to look the same.

Sure, there are women in my the workplace.  But they’re either married, dating, or not my type (what does that mean, anyway?  isn’t a guy’s type: has boobs?)

And what happens when a new lady enters the workforce?  The usual kerfuffle to gain her affections.  We’ve all seen it.  We may even have participated in (or enjoyed) it.

First, you notice the new girl.  You’re drawn to her.  But, you don’t say anything because 1.) she’s new, 2.) she’s a girl, and 3.) she’s kind of cute.

Then, you talk to your other coworkers (just the guys) about the new girl.  Invariably one calls dibs (can you call dibs on a person?).

Finally, you’re introduced to her and you say hi.  You realize she isn’t as amazingly hot as you first thought.  Now that the gleam of “new girl” has worn off and you’ve seen her underneath the dismal fluorescent lights of the toy store.  She just doesn’t yet have that beat-down, worn and weary, and spent expression yet.  On the bright side, she’s still a fresh face among the familiar.

So, you might think there’s a chance.

Don’t blow it.


Take a few moments (or days).

Make sure you’ve learned her name…the correct one.  And a few details about her (does she like working at the toy store? If so, you might not be compatible).

And, most importantly, refrain from crowding her and fawning over her…too much.  You’ll thank me later (or not, depends if another guy swoops in and steals her before you make your move).  At least, you won’t come off as a creepy weirdo.  And, ultimately, that’s the goal.

About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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2 Responses to A Guy’s Guide to Female Coworkers, Part 1

  1. This post is absolutely true. Dating are work can be a good thing and a bad thing. And whenever a new girl comes on board, every guy will be doing back flips and juggling to stand out. The best thing is to just be yourself in the end.

  2. Tech Gurl says:

    New guy .. workplace.. same rules

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